After an extensive European career, Valeria Cossu is taking over New York City as an accomplished director and choreographer! She beats to the rhythm of her own drum and illuminates the human heart on any stage. 

photo: Jason River

photo: Jason River

As a director in NYC, Valeria has been invited to work in several festivals and labs. She won BEST DIRECTOR for the musical Discovering Magenta at the 2015 Thespis Theater Festival, and the play Until Death Do Us Part was nominated for BEST PLAY at the 2016 Venus Adonis Festival. Valeria recently took on the role of Associate Director/Choreographer is BOUNTIFUL, Revolucion Latina's International Choreographers Festival.

Valeria's career began as a performer at the Opera Lirica in Italy after finishing her artistic studies in Rome, Madrid, and New York. (Yes, this means she is tri-lingual in Italian, Spanish, and English!!)  She toured all over Europe as part of several dance and theatre companies, such as MAYUMANA and Yllana. Stepping into more leadership roles, Valeria served as John Rando's Assistant Director on the Broadway production of The Wedding Singer in Spain and as Associate Director/Choreographer on Ecopolis the Show (Spain) and Gormiti the Show (Spain/Portugal).

Upon moving to NYC, Valeria choreographed Ser o no Cer...Vantes and Revolucion Latina's 2011 Choreographers Festival. She joined Salgado Productions as Assistant Director/Associate Choreographer for several years while establishing herself in the United States and Latino America. 

Valeria currently resides in New York City.

“Thank you LIFE for giving me the opportunity to BE!”