Discovering Magenta

Directing Discovering Magenta was a fantastic journey! Thank you Thespis Theater Festival, cast, and crew!

My Director's Note

The human mind is complex and mysterious. We perceive the world and make decisions – and we feel, desire, and dream. I have always been fascinated by how the brain works. There is the potential for joy when we relate to other people and yet also the fear of what can happen if our mind does not work the way it should.

When Franco Moschetti proposed that I direct Discovering Magenta and connected me with James  Kaufman and Michael Bitterman, it was impossible for me to say no to the project. The material spoke to me at a personal level. It has been a beautiful moment to bring my passion for art to this project and work with the actors to bring the characters to life. This process of creation has been one of the most interesting things I have done.

I consider myself a happy person. There is happiness within everyday moments and the drama of life. As you watch the show, I would like you to reflect on two questions. What makes you happy in life? And what color do you think you are?