Until Death Do Us Part

I'm very thankful for the opportunity to direct Until Death Do Us Part at The New York Theatre Festival! Come see the show! 

My Director's Note:

Like Pirandello, I have been always thinking that “Humor is the feeling of the opposite”. An outside tragedy can provoke us a smile at the events of the situation, but when we get inside the tragedy, the smile often becomes bitterness. In my opinion life it’s a tragic comedy. We smile and we cry, we have to deal with complex situations, decisions, contrasting feelings, and sickness. If we step outside of all of it and take a moment to find a smile inside our soul, that smile can help us to deal with the tragedy of life.

Catherine’s material has been a wonderful way for me to represent this concept through the ART and the TALENT of my cast.

None of this would have happen without the help of my great team.

As part of today’s society, in which it becomes so easy to escape from duty, what would you pick, duty or desire?

"And indeed there will be time to wonder, Do I dare?  Do I dare disturb the universe?"