Photo: Jason River

Photo: Jason River

Valeria has traveled all over the world teaching body percussion. From engaging inner city youth in New York City to working with professional companies across Europe and South America, Valeria's passion for rhythm is contagious. 

What is Body Percussion? 

Body percussion converts our body into a moving instrument. It is a discipline that integrates movement with the great variety of sounds we can produce with our body.

During class we will use some theory-based notions and exercises of rhythms that will help to improve our coordination and our capacity to listen to ourselves and the group. Gradually, you will obtain choreography in which you will move through the rhythm and the music of your own body. Body Percussion is a discipline recommended for adults and kids, for dancers, actors, musicians, or just people that like rhythm.

What happens in a Body Percussion Class?

Specific workshops for dance and/or acting companies help to improve communication in the group and empower creativity through teamwork.

  • Through basic notions we’ll work the coordination and you will discover the own sound of your body   
  • We’ll learn how to listen each other through different kind of rhythms
  • We’ll work on improvisation and choreography

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